Windows 11 Enterprise – 20 PC Key

Windows 11 Enterprise

Windows 11 Enterprise – 20 PC Key


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☑️ Genuine MAK (Multiple Access Key)

☑️ Lifetime license for up to 20 PCs

⚠️ Licensed for commercial use

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Buy a Windows 11 Enterprise Product Key to enjoy the following features

  • Improve employee productivity and focus with a simple, powerful user experience.
  • Find a good way to collaborate with Microsoft Teams integration.
  • Enhance data protection and access security with a Zero Trust-ready operating system.
  • Make adoption easy with the help of app compatibility and cloud management.


Minimum System Requirements

  • Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster with 2 or more cores on a compatible 64-bit processor or System on a Chip (SoC)
  • RAM: 4 gigabyte (GB)
  • Storage: 64 GB or larger storage device
  • System Firmware: UEFI, Secure Boot capable
  • TPM: Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0
  • Graphics: Compatible with DirectX 12 or later with WDDM 2.0 driver
  • Display: High definition (720p) display that is greater than 9” diagonally, 8 bits per colour channel
  • Internet Connection: For all Windows 11 editions, internet access is required to perform updates and to download and take advantage of some features. A Microsoft account is required for some features.
  • Additional: Feature-specific requirements
  • Use the PC Health Check app to see if your PC can run Windows 11.
  • PC Health Check app to see if your PC can run Windows 11.

Additional information

Supported Languages

Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian

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All products are delivered digitally as a unique key in text or image format for activation on the relevant platform. We are an all-digital service and as such we do not physically ship anything to you.

We endeavour to provide a relevant activation guide on every product page under the "Activation" tab prior to purchase and after purchase via an "Activation Guide" button on your order page.

Delivery is usually instant, but can take up to 24 hours if we need to manually process an order and/or verify the provided billing details in accordance with our fraud prevention policy.


Before You Start

Please refer to the PC Health Check app to confirm your device meets the minimum system requirements for Windows 11 and check the Windows release information status for known issues that may affect your device.

Installing Windows 11

Clicking the button below will take you to the official Microsoft Windows 11 download page which provides 3 different download options and instructions for each.

If you have an OEM activation key you will need to do a fresh Windows 11 installtion. You should download either the "Create Windows 11 Installation Media" to create a bootable USB or "Download Windows 11 Disk Image (ISO)" to download the ISO directly to your computer to perform a fresh Windows 11 install.

If you have a retail product key you can choose any of the 3 download options as these do not require a fresh Windows 11 installation.

Activating Windows 11

If you already have Windows 11 installed on your computer and simply need to enter a retail product key to activate it; or if you have Windows 11 Home installed and wish to upgrade it to Windows 11 Pro or Windows 11 Pro for Workstations, follow these steps.

  1. In the Windows Search Bar type in "Activation" and hit enter. This will load the activation window showing which edition of Windows 11 you currently have and its activation status along with other license details.
  2. Under the "Change product key" row, click the "Change" button.
  3. A window will open asking you to "Enter a product key", type or paste in your 25 digit Windows 11 retail product key and click "Next".
  4. Back on the Activation window your edition and activation status will have updated to reflect the product key you used.


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