Create a Personal 3D Avatar for Google Meet & Zoom

Create a personal 3d avatar for google meet & zoom
Posted On:
November 12, 2020
Updated On:
March 31, 2024
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Learn how to create a personal 3D avatar for use on Google Meet and Zoom with Loomie.

Discover the innovative LoomAi Avatar Maker, a cutting-edge tool enabling you to craft a unique 3D avatar using just a 2D selfie. Tailor your avatar to your liking with the LoomAi Avatar Maker, customizing its appearance and matching it with a wide range of clothing choices for the perfect representation.

One exciting feature is the ability to incorporate your LoomAi Avatar Creator avatar into video calls on various platforms like Zoom or Google Meet using the LoomieLive application. Moreover, you can create sticker packs featuring your LoomAi Avatar Creator avatars for convenient utilization in WhatsApp, Gboard, and Slack.

Experience real-time augmented reality by exploring the LoomAi Avatar Creator in AR mode as a bonus!