Office Activation Guide (

This guide walks through how to activate, download and install Office using a product key. The product shown in the below screenshots is just an example, you will receive the product you purchased upon redemption.

  1. Sign in to your Microsoft account

    Microsoft sign in

    Go to, if you are not already signed in, sign in using your existing Microsoft account, or create one.

  2. Enter your key

    Redeem key

    Go to, enter your 25 character CD key (shown on your order page), click next. 

    If you see an error saying “This code has already been redeemed“, skip to step 4 of this guide and continue from there.
    If you see an error saying “You are not logged in. Please login before redeeming a token“, click here for a guide to resolve.

  3. Redeem the key

    Check the product shown matches the product you purchased.

    Click confirm to redeem the key and link it to your Microsoft account.

    Click confirm to agree to the Microsoft Services Agreement. Microsoft will immediately provide you with full access to your software after you complete this redemption. There are no refunds past this point due to the key being permanently linked to your Microsoft account.

  4. Download

    Download office

    Go to the services & subscriptions page of your Microsoft account, you will see the product you redeemed listed here.

    If you ever need to reinstall in the future, this is where you can do it from.

    Click the install link next to the product to download the software.

  5. Customize the download

    Choose the language and version you wish to install then click the install button to download the software.

  6. Uninstall existing Office suites

    Before installing your new Office suite you should fully uninstall any old Office suites on your computer. Old Office suites are known to cause conflicts with a new installation, so it is best to remove them at this stage.

    Links to the Microsoft uninstall guides for Windows PC and Mac:
    Uninstall Office on Windows PC
    Uninstall Office on Mac

  7. Install Office

    Installing office

    Double click on the Office installer that was downloaded to your computer (most likely in your downloads folder) and follow the on-screen instructions.

    If you get an error message saying “Sorry it looks like you’re on a slow connection…”, Office is taking a really long time to install, or it appears to hang during the install, you may want to cancel the installation and then try some of the following solutions.

  8. Install complete

    Office installed

    Your install is complete when you see the message “You’re all set! Office is installed now”.

  9. Sign in to set up Office

    Sign in to set up office

    Upon opening an Office App for the first time you will be asked to sign in to your Microsoft account, sign in to the same account you used in step 1 as this is the account the license is tied to.