Xbox VPN Activation Guide

How to redeem an Xbox code using a free VPN extension. If you already have VPN provider you do not need to use the one below and can use your own.

Install Hola VPN

Hola vpn

Install the free Hola VPN extension on the browser of your choice (Chrome is recommended) from here:

Go to

Microsoft sign in

Once the free Hola VPN extension is installed on your browser, go to to and sign in to the Microsoft Account associated with your Xbox profile.

Open Hola VPN

Open hola vpn

Once you are signed in to your Microsoft account, click the Hola VPN extension and select the “Other” section as highlighted above.

Select Country

Select country

In the search box, search for the country that matches the region advertised on the product page.
We will use Turkey in this example.

Successful Connection

Once the VPN connection is successful, you will be shown a successful connection window as highlighted above and the icon will change to a flag of the country you are connected to.

Redeem your Code

Redeem key

Head back to, enter your 25 character Xbox code, click next, click confirm.


Your redeemed product will now be ready for use on your Xbox console.
You can remove the browser extension as it’s no longer needed.