Customer Checks & Fraud Prevention

In order to carry out our service we implement stringent fraud prevention methods to comply with regulations and safeguard our business against fraud. Customers may be required to submit additional documentation to assist us in ensuring the safety and security of all transactions. If this is required, you will receive a request after you have placed your order via email to provide the documentation.

What is a proof of address?

A proof of address is a valid document confirming your billing address – it must have both your full name and your address visible. We accept the following kinds of documents as a proof of address (any details other than your full name and address may be covered up/blanked out):

  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Valid Passport
  • Utility Bill (Water, Gas, Electricity, Phone, etc)
  • An Item of Mail with Name & Address of the Customer

The use of a VPN, Proxy, VoIP, temporary email address or any other means of concealing/altering the true location/identity of a user on the Site will lead to your order being held for manual verification. Any attempt to purposefully provide false or incorrect details can result in your order being rejected, and your account and access to the Site being restricted or terminated.

Documents are handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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