How To Install & Activate Windows 10 Enterprise

Here’s how to setup the Windows 10 installer for Enterprise edition.

  1. Media Creation Tool

    Download the latest Windows 10 Media Creation Tool from the Windows 10 Download Page

  2. Open Powershell

    Once downloaded, open PowerShell while within your downloads folder. To do this, click in the address bar while inside the downloads folder and type in Powershell then hit enter.

  3. Arm The Installer

    Enter the following command into the Powershell window and hit enter: .\MediaCreationTool21H2.exe /Eula Accept /Retail /MediaLangCode en-US /MediaArch x64 /MediaEdition Enterprise

    If you need a 32-bit Windows Enterprise version instead of the standard 64-bit, change the Media Arch argument to /MediaArch x86

  4. Confirm

    Confirm the UAC prompt by clicking yes.

  5. Activate Windows

    You may be asked for the product key at this stage to Activate Windows, enter the Windows 10 Enterprise key.

  6. Installation Media

    Choose to create the installation media.

  7. ISO Installer

    Select “ISO File” for the destination media option.

  8. Installation

    Finally, run the ISO installer that has been downloaded to your PC and proceed through the on-screen installation instructions to setup your PC.

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