My Card Was Declined At Checkout

My Card Was Declined At Checkout

The most common decline reason a card is declined at checkout is the ZIP/postal code not matching the details your card issuer has on file. Make sure the billing details entered at checkout match those your card issuer has on file to avoid this.

You may be asked to authorize the transaction with your card issuer via an on-screen prompt, known as 3-D Secure. This is usually completed via an in-app approval or as an SMS text sent from your card issuer.

If you are certain the billing details are correct, you may need to reach out to your card issuer to authorize the payment.

If you are using a VPN please disconnect while making the payment, certain VPN IP addresses may be blocked due to prior fraud from other malicious users of the VPN.

Pending Charge On My Card

If your card is declined at checkout, you may see a pending ‘pre-authorization’ charge on your card statement, this will automatically be removed usually within 24-48 hours, as no successful charge was made.