Our Microsoft Authenticity Guarantee

What type of keys do you supply?

When it comes to purchasing software keys, it’s important to know what you’re getting and from whom. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous vendors out there who sell Microsoft developer network (MSDN) keys that aren’t meant for resale and will ultimately get deactivated by Microsoft. Additionally, some sellers split multiple access keys (MAK) between numerous customers instead of using them as intended for a single organization, which will also result in deactivation. Finally, some vendors provide original equipment manufacturer (OEM) keys without disclosing the restrictions that come with them.

At Vevo Digital, we take a different approach. We never sell MSDN keys, we don’t split MAK keys, and we always identify our OEM products and their associated restrictions clearly on the product pages. While our prices may be somewhat higher than some of our competitors, we believe in providing our customers with legitimate, fully functional software keys that won’t cause any issues down the line.

We provide three types of keys, which are always clearly indicated on the product page.

  • Retail – These keys are meant for retail distribution and can be used by any consumer.
  • OEM – If you’re building a new computer system, you may be classified as an “original equipment manufacturer” and can use these keys. However, there are certain limitations associated with these keys, which are clearly shown on the product page.
  • MAK – These keys are intended for organizations to perform multiple activations on their internal computer systems. Each MAK key has a fixed number of activations and will never be split or shared.

How can I be sure your keys are genuine?

Here are a few reasons you can trust our keys, and how you can verify for yourself.

  • All keys will pass Microsoft activation servers to confirm their validity and legitimacy.
  • The keys we deliver will match the advertised key type.
  • Keys redeemed directly through the Microsoft website (mostly Office keys) will be listed under your Services & Subscriptions page, the same as if you bought from a big box retailer, or directly from Microsoft.
  • Although not officially supported by Microsoft, you can use a “PID checker” to confirm the type of key and its validity.
  • On Windows, you can run the following CMD prompt to confirm the key type: slmgr /dli
  • You can contact Microsoft support with the key and ask them to confirm the validity and legitimacy.

What do your customers say?

We have outsourced the collection of our reviews and their hosting to third-party services to prevent concerns about reviews being tampered with or removed, which is a common occurrence on the internet.

We use Trustindex to gather all customer reviews from our Trustpilot and Cusrev pages. You can check out our review summary page by clicking on this link: https://www.trustindex.io/reviews/www.vevodigital.com

What is your returns policy?

If you encounter any issues with a key, it is most likely due to system error, system incompatibility, or incorrect usage with the key type. However, such issues can be easily resolved by following troubleshooting steps.

For your peace of mind, we offer a 30-day replacement or full money-back guarantee if the problem persists and cannot be resolved.

You may find our complete returns and refunds policy here: https://www.vevodigital.com/faq/returns-refunds-policy/

What if I still have questions?

Have more questions? Contact us for specific answers: https://www.vevodigital.com/contact/