Redeem A Windows 10 Game Code

First, please copy the 25 digit code provided by us to your clipboard. The code can be viewed by clicking the link on the first line of your Order Complete email, or by going to the My Orders page in your account.

Second, to redeem the code please load the Microsoft Store app on your Windows 10 PC, make sure you’re signed in to the Microsoft account you wish to link the product to and then click the three little dots in the top right to open the drop down menu, then click Redeem a code.

Third, paste in the 25 digit code you copied onto your clipboard and click Next.

(If you receive any error messages at this stage, please Contact Us so we can resolve)

Fourth, the following screen will show you the product you’re going to get when you click Confirm – Once you click confirm the product is permanently linked to your Microsoft account and there are no refunds.

Last, now the product is linked to your account you need to install it. Click the three little dots again, and in the drop down menu click My Library. In the left hand column, click Ready to install, your redeemed game should be listed with an Install link to click. Your game will now install and be ready to play.

(If you had a trial/demo version of a game installed prior, you will need to un-install that first as it can cause an error saying you still only have a trial/demo version).