Troubleshooting Windows Activation Errors

Troubleshooting Windows Activation Errors

Windows can present an error during activation for many different reasons, please run through the troubleshooting steps in the order listed below.

  1. Internet Connection & System Time

    Make sure your computer is connected to the internet and that the system date and time is set correctly for your local timezone.

    Internet Connection & System Time

  2. Activation Troubleshooter

    Run the Windows Activation Troubleshooter which will attempt to automatically resolve any issues.

    Activation Troubleshooter

  3. Windows Update

    Check Windows Update for any outstanding updates, download and install any outstanding updates.

    Windows Update

  4. Restart

    Restart your computer and retry the activation.


  5. Phone Activation

    You may be given the option to use the toll-free phone activation service, do this by clicking the Activate by Phone link on the activation page.

    Phone Activation

If you receive error code (0xC004F050)

This error code usually means the edition of an OEM key does not match the edition of Windows that is already installed on the PC. The following guides contain the solutions.

Windows 10:

Windows 11: