Visual Studio Professional 2022 Activation Guide

How to download, install and activate Visual Studio Professional 2022.

  1. Download The Installer

    Head to:
    Click the “Free Trial ” button under the “Professional” heading.

  2. Run The Installer

    Run the downloaded .exe installer package titled “vs_Professional“. Go through the onscreen installation process to install the workloads, components and language packs of your choice as well as selecting the installation location.

  3. Open Activation Window

    In the top left of your window click the “Help” menu, then click “Register Visual Studio“.

  4. Activate With Your Key

    Once the software is fully installed you will be presented with the below window.
    Click “Unlock with a Product Key” and enter the 25 character product key provided by us on your order page and click “Apply“.
    Your Visual Studio Professional 2022 software is now fully activated and ready to use.