What Is Your Fraud Prevention Policy

Vevo Digital implements robust fraud prevention and security methods to safeguard our business, our payment partners and customer cards against possible mis-use online.

Methods including but not limited to the use of a VPN, Proxy, VoIP or temporary phone number, temporary email address or any other means of concealing or altering the true location or identity of a user on the Site may lead to an order being held for additional verification.

Under this policy we may ask a customer to assist us in verifying the billing details provided at checkout are accurate and match those of the registered card holder to ensure the integrity of transactions and protect their card against mis-use. We will send an email with full details after a purchase has been made if we require this assistance.

How do we verify your billing details?

We use a valid proof of address document (photo or scan) that matches the billing details provided at checkout. It must have your full name and address visible, any other details may be covered up/blanked out for your privacy.

The following documents constitute a valid proof of address:

  • Utility bill dated within the last three months
  • Bank or card statement dated within the last three months
  • Mortgage statement or lease agreement
  • Tax invoice or receipt
  • Item of mail
  • Current valid driving license
  • Current valid passport

Documents are transmitted securely via SSL encrypted email to a secure business inbox, and are permanently deleted after verification.

Refusal to assist us in verifying the billing details under this policy will result in an order being considered fraudulent, resulting in the order being rejected and the linked user account on the Site being permanently terminated.

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