Windows 11 Enterprise Activation Guide

This is how to download the Windows 11 Enterprise ISO using the Windows 11 Media Creation Tool.

  1. Download the Media Creation Tool

  2. Launch PowerShell

    Launch PowerShell and set the directory path to the folder containing the Media Creation Tool, presumably the downloads folder.

    For example: C:\Users\Username>Downloads

    Whereby the Username is replaced with your PC username.

  3. Enter PowerShell command

    In the PowerShell window, copy and paste the command below and hit Enter to execute.

    MediaCreationToolW11.exe /Eula Accept /Retail /MediaArch x64 /MediaLangCode en-US /MediaEdition Enterprise

    The MediaArch x64 argument specifies 64 bit, if you require 32 bit simply change this argument to Media Arch x86.

    The MediaLangCode en-US argument specifies the language, in this case, it is English for US, if you require a different language simply change the language and region tag.

    A full list of available languages can be found here:

  4. UAC Prompt

    Click Yes on the UAC prompt to confirm the code execution.

  5. Enter Windows 11 Enterprise product key

    On the next window, you should be asked to enter a product key, enter a Windows 11 Enterprise product key to continue.

  6. What do you want to do?

    Select Create installation media for another PC.

  7. Choose which media to use

    Select the radio button for ISO File and click Next.

  8. Download begins

    The Media Creation Tool will now begin the download for a Windows 11 ISO armed with the Windows 11 Enterprise edition.

    Once it is downloaded, simply run the ISO and follow the on-screen installation steps.