During our working hours we may offer remote support via Teamviewer for installation/activation issues you may be experiencing if we think there's a good chance of being able to resolve your issue.

If you do not already have Teamviewer, please download and install by clicking the relevant button for your Operating System below and when requested provide us with the ID and Password so we can remotely connect.

Windows PC

Mac OS

Downloadable content (DLC) is additional content created for an already existing video game. This means you will require the original base game to be installed to add the DLC content to.

An example of this is The Sims which has many expansion DLC packs. To use any of the DLC you need to have the base Sims game installed first.

We understand there is a lot of mystery around buying keys online, especially when it comes to their authenticity. We work tirelessly and to strict standards in order to provide only genuine keys, we'll explain in detail how we do this below.

Specifically in regards to Microsoft products as this is where the most concern occurs; we do not follow the same bad practises that many of our competitors unfortunately do. Namely selling MSDN keys, or the splitting of volume license keys and selling the same key to multiple individuals. Both of these practises are not allowed under Microsofts EULA, we agree with this and refuse to take part in these practises.

To make sure of this, we work with only select trusted suppliers and enforce strict guidelines on the type of key we will buy (details below). We perform regular audits on keys at random using a PID checker which allows us to see the full details of a key, most importantly the license type. We also reguarly check directly with official Microsoft representatives to confirm the authenticity and type of key to make sure it's genuine and of a type that can be sold and we encourage you to do the same if you're in any doubt or would simply like to double check for peace of mind.

We will only ever sell two types of key to an end consumer, full retail (commonly called FPP) and OEM keys. Both of these will be sold for one activation to a single customer only. Retail keys can be used in any scenario. Use of an OEM System Builder Channel key is subject to the terms of the Microsoft OEM System Builder License displayed clearly on any product page that is an OEM key.

For commercial Enterprise editions we offer a MAK key with a specific advertised number of activations to a single commercial customer who may use it for the advertised number of activations only within their organization. We never split these keys and they are sold strictly for commercial use only.

Where possible we provide a guide on how to use all keys provided on our website, despite doing our best to keep guides updated, over time some steps/procedures may change.

We sincerely hope our honesty and openness is made clear in the above, however should you have any further questions please do contact us.