How to install & activate Visual Studio Professional 2019

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How to install & activate Visual Studio Professional 2019

Steps to download Visual Studio Professional 2019 and activate with a product key.

  1. Download The Installer

    Download the software installer by clicking “Download Preview” under the Professional column at the following link:

  2. Run The Installer

    Run the downloaded installer titled “vs_Professional” and go through the onscreen install process where you can decide which workloads, components and language packs to install as well as the install location on your PC.

  3. Launch The Software

    Once the software has installed just click “Launch” next to the installed Visual Studio Professional 2019 package and you will be greeted with the below window, for now click “Continue without code”.

  4. Register Product

    On the next window, click the “Help” dropdown menu and then click “Register Product”.

  5. Register The Product Key

    On this window click “Unlock with a product key”, click this and enter the product key provided by us. It will then display a message saying “License: Product key applied” – Your software is now fully activated and ready to use.

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