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Why Is My Order On Hold?

Vevo Digital implements a range of robust fraud prevention methods to safeguard our business, our payment partners and customer cards against possible misuse.

If your order status is "On Hold", it means it has been flagged for a manual review in accordance with our Fraud Prevention Policy.

Please look out for a note from us in your email inbox as we may require assistance in verifying your billing details.

Full details of our Fraud Prevention Policy can be found here:

How to redeem a Netflix code.

  1. Log in or create an account

    Go to and log in with the account you wish to redeem the code to, or create a new account.

  2. Enter code

    Enter the code in the blank box.

  3. Redeem

    Click redeem and the gift card balance will be added to your account.

How to redeem an iTunes code.

Redeem on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Launch the App Store
Tap Today at the bottom of your screen. 
Select your user icon at the top of the screen (or sign in if needed). 
Tap Redeem Gift Card or Code to enter your code. 

Redeem via the App Store on your Mac

Launch the App Store
On the sidebar, click your name or the sign in button. 
Tap Redeem Gift Card or Code to enter your code. 

Redeem via Android

Launch the Apple Music app. 
Press the menu button. 
Hit Account
Choose Redeem Gift Card or Code
Enter your code and tap on Redeem

Redeem via iTunes for Windows

Launch iTunes
On the menu bar, choose Account, then pick Redeem
Sign in and follow the on-screen directions.

How to download, install and activate Visual Studio 2022.

  1. Download The Installer

    Download Visual Studio 2022

    Head to
    Click the "Free Trial " button under the edition you wish to download, in this case we will download the"Professional" version.

  2. Run The Installer

    Visual Studio 2019 Installer

    Run the downloaded .exe installer package titled "vs_Professional". Go through the onscreen installation process to install the workloads, components and language packs of your choice as well as selecting the installation location. 

  3. Open Activation Window

    Register Visual Studio 2022

    Click the "Help" menu, then click "Register Visual Studio".

  4. Activate With A Key

    Activate Visual Studio 2022

    Click "Unlock with a Product Key" and enter the 25 character product key provided by us on your order page and click "Apply".
    Your Visual Studio 2022 software is now fully activated and ready to use.

How to download, install and activate Windows 11.

  1. Download Windows 11

  2. Install Windows 11

    Simply run the downloaded ISO and follow the on-screen instructions to install.

    Or if you would prefer a video walkthrough:

  3. Activate Windows 11

    In the Windows Search Bar type in "Activation settings" and hit enter. This will load the activation window showing which Windows 11 Edition you have installed and its activation status.

    Under the "Change product key" row, click the "Change" button.

    A window will open asking you to "Enter a product key", type or paste in your 25 character Windows 11 key and click "Next".

    Back on the Activation window, your Windows Edition and activation status will update to reflect.

  4. Troubleshooting Errors

    Windows can present an error during activation for many different reasons, please run through the troubleshooting steps:

My Card Was Declined At Checkout

The most common decline reason is the ZIP/postal code not matching the details your card issuer has on file.

Make sure the billing address details entered at checkout match those your card issuer has on file, otherwise your card issuer may decline the transaction.

You may need to authorize the transaction with your card issuer, known as 3-D Secure, via an app or an SMS text from your card issuer to confirm the transaction.

If your card is declined at checkout, you may see a temporary 'pre-authorization' charge on your card statement, this will automatically be removed by your card issuer, usually within 24-48 hours as no successful charge was made.

I Have A Problem Activating My Key

Please check the following common reasons you may be having a problem:

Make sure that you have entered the key correctly, typos are a common occurrence between similar characters such as S/5 or B/8.

Make sure you are using the key in-line with any restrictions detailed on the product page such as activation region, system requirements or license terms etc.

Make sure you are following the provided activation guide or using the provided download link on your order page.

If your problem persists please send a message with a brief explanation (and ideally a screenshot/photo of any error messages) so we can troubleshoot: