Benefits of a PSN Plus Membership

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PSN Plus Membership

Benefits of a PSN Plus Membership

Online Multiplayer for PlayStation®4 and Share Play

PS Plus grants online cooperative and competitive multiplayer for PS4™ games. Certain free-to-play games do not require a PS Plus subscription. Contact the publisher to confirm if PS Plus is required for the online play. Online multiplayer remains free for PS3™ and PS Vita.

Share play is a feature granted with PS Plus that allows you to invite an online friend to take over your play session on PS4™. The play session is streamed remotely and your friend does not need to own the game. Most PS4™ games support this feature and it works for up to one hour per play session.

Instant Game Collection

At the beginning of each month, PS Plus members will receive 6 free downloadable games from the PS Store. These are usually 2 PS4™ or PlayStation®VR games, 2 PS3™ games, and 2 PS Vita games. As long as you are a PS Plus member, you’ll always have access to any game you’ve added to your library, even if you’ve previously deleted a game from your hard drive.

Keep an eye on the PlayStation Blog for official updates on PlayStation®Plus: Free Games at the beginning of each month.

Discounts on Downloadable Content

PS Plus members can take advantage of weekly discounts for game and add-on content of up to 75% on the PS Store under the Discounts section. These discounts can change quickly, so be sure to purchase desired content before the sales expire. Content that you purchase with a discount as a PS Plus member is yours to keep, regardless of your membership status.

Online Game Saves and Additional Benefits

PS Plus members will also receive Full Game Timed Trials, exclusive access to game Betas, Automatic Downloads, and Online Game Saving. 

Online Game Saves are accessible via the yellow PS Plus icon in the upper left hand corner when you turn on your PS4™ system. To access these saves:

Step 1: Go to Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data in Online Storage.
Step 2: Use Download to System Storage to download saved data in online storage to another PS4™ and continue playing the game.

If your PS Plus membership lapses and you had game save data in the Online Game Save storage or full game titles in your Library, you can access them when you renew PS Plus.


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