Visual Studio

Visual studio

Become an unstoppable developer with Microsoft Visual Studio. This robust integrated development environment (IDE) supercharges your workflow with intelligent coding tools for any project.

– Cuts development time in half with powerful IntelliSense code completion
– Debug easily with built-in source-level and machine-level debuggers
– Design stunning GUIs and web apps with drag-and-drop designers
– Build for Windows, web, and mobile with support for 36+ programming languages

Visual Studio boosts productivity with refactoring capabilities, a code profiler, and schema designers for databases. Extend functionality with a huge library of plug-ins. It’s the one IDE to rule them all.

If you’re serious about software development on Microsoft platforms like Windows and Azure, Visual Studio is an essential part of your toolbelt. Say goodbye to context switching and hello to seamless coding and debugging. Develop web, cloud, desktop, and mobile apps faster than you ever thought possible.

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